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Bring Warm Smiles Or Tears

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:35 am
by sagor97
There will be for example a cinema hall and it will be possible to go in to watch a movie. There will be rooms for performances various stand-ups. There will be rooms for concerts. Showrooms and meeting rooms. That is the monetization process will consist of several levels. Or it will be room sales when any company or person can buy a space for themselves it will be their property and will be secured by NFT. It will also be possible to change the design there that is order it and then fix it with NFT. The project itself is quite large extensive.

We want to capture a lot of areas but in general this is a kind of space for business communication. For example a psychologist can conduct his sessions there. He will have a room it will be equipped made in those colors that contribute to relaxation. Music will play in the background. And here it will be possible to conduct a session of psychotherapy. Because VR gives a sense of presence you are Cambodia Mobile Number List immersed in this reality. We didn't think at first that things like a psychologist's session would be interesting. And then we realized that it works.


Because we went to present the product at Moscow State University. And the request from Moscow State University was precisely to create the effect of presence so that we could do some educational things. VR allows you to be in dialogue with the audience and this is extremely important for the learning process. After this visit to Moscow State University we immediately added a lecture hall in our space where it will be possible to hold lectures or presentations. During which you can for example draw on boards for clarity. That is you draw with a joystick in your apartment or office and everyone sees it in VR like on a whiteboard. In general a lot of useful chips. I think this is the future.