Essential Ecommerce Statistics To Strengthen Your Strategy in 2022

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Essential Ecommerce Statistics To Strengthen Your Strategy in 2022

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Ecommerce statistics: we all love them. Whether it's to motivate our urge to start a new business, marvel at the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry, or to find little tidbits of information that may help our own stores, these ecommerce statistics often clarify/verify our decisions and lead us to new conclusions.

The only problem is Phone Number List that most statistics you find online are either outdated or extremely inaccurate. Some of this is because statistics articles rarely get updated, or you might just encounter some blog posts trying to sensationalize information, or “cherry pick” to get their points across.

That's the reason we've compiled this list of ecommerce statistics.


Not only are these statistics accurate—based on credible research and data—but they're up to date, relating to the most recent versions of the ecommerce world we know and love. This way, you have information that's actually useful to make decisions for your own business.

With that said, keep reading to check out our favorite ecommerce statistics, the ones that are bound to assist your business decisions and motivate you to improve.
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